Engaging young people and adults in activities such as sports and music to provide opportunities, focus and entertainment as well as developing their life skills to enhance their future opportunities.


Contributing to the moral, social, emotional, mental, technical and spiritual growth of young people and adults.


Educating and motivating young people and adults within the community.


Providing support and assistance to young people and adults in a wide variety of areas, including sports, education and other activities.

Chapeltown Youth Development Centre is a charity founded to support under privileged people of the local community, an environment related to struggles with high gang crime and low wealth.


CFYDC provides activities and projects, distinct in their strategy but joined in their objective. Activities include football, music and yoga, connecting the community by socialising through sports & exercise. Projects involve, among others, Lets Eat Food Bank Project and G.A.N.G Tackle IT, two initiatives providing free food parcels and gang crime prevention respectively. All projects aim to support the community.



The CFYDC charity caters for young people and adults regardless of background, race, religion, ethnicity or gender. The centre is open to all regardless of ability or disability. It supports children from all over Leeds but in particular, those from inner-city, North & North-East Leeds.


Founder, Office Manager & Chapeltown Juniors FC Secretary

Will Bowler


Lutel James


Community Tackle It Project Outreach Worker

Also known as G.A.N.G – Guiding A New Generation

Brian Claxton-Payne

Urban Music Experience Music Director

David Adams

Yorkshire Amateur Academy Manager

Jake Boyd

Chapeltown Juniors FC Chairman

Will Bowler

Meanwood ABC Head Coach

Wayne Cunningham

UJIMA Project Lead

Educational Support

Marina Active

RZ World Getawayz


Heart Steel Orchestra Music Director

Derek Evelyn

Tan Tan Kunda Music Director

Lamin Jassey