Make It Out

Make It Out was founded to lead under-privileged young people towards opportunity.

High rates of crime and poverty in a community can block possibilities for those living within it.

Refined by experience, we at Make It Out believe we can educate under-privileged people into better positions, through dedicated one-on-one mental well-being support, education tutoring and a tailored strengths and hobbies-based careers plan.

With our help, young people can overcome emotional and environmental barriers and achieve their career goals.

Mission statement

Helping disadvantaged young people break boundaries, escape limitation and achieve their dreams by offering knowledge, awareness and guidance through a wide range of beneficial services.

Our team

Our team of fully qualified mentors, coaches and tutors provide high standard services to young people, helping to encourage education, extra curricular qualifications, leading to a better career.

Kiam Wilkes: Founder

Kiam founded Make It Out following personal history within an under-privileged community, affecting his education.

Now on course with his studies, wise to the possibilities of a good education, Wilkes and his team’s aim is to repeat his story with other under-privileged young adults.

To enrol onto the Make It Out programme, please contact us via the CFYDC website or social media pages.