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One of the best courses for telecoms, helped me to progress my skills and build my confidence


The Telecommunications course offers students a chance to complete a vocational course in which they will learn skills and knowledge that will enable them to progress in the telecommunications career.

What is Telecommunications?

Telecommunication is the transmission of information, such as words, sounds or images, usually across large distances, sent through electromagnetic signals, as by telephone, television or radio.

Course Title:

Pearson Level 2 Telecoms and ICT Diploma


Course Modules are as follows:

  • Health and Safety in ICT
  • Develop own Effectiveness and Professionalism
  • Interpersonal and Written Communications
  • Working With ICT Hardware and Equipment
  • Testing ICT Systems
  • Technical Fault Diagnostics
  • Using Email

Entry requirements: 

The Qualification is a BTEC Level 2 in IT and Telecommunications 

The course runs for 6 weeks. 

The learners need to be unemployed and not already have a level 2 qualification. 

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