Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions so we thought we would put some of the most frequently asked questions here for ease of access. If there are any other questions you want answered please do not hesitate to complete the form on this page.


Why are we known as CFYDC and CYDC, which one is the correct one?

They’re both right, when we registered our charity it was named the Chapeltown Football Youth Development Centre, as at the time our only focus was engaging children through football. As the centre developed and grew many different projects were incorporated and the use of “Football Development Centre” seemed like it narrowed down what we do. Legally we will always be CFYDC (Chance) however many people simply call us Chapeltown Youth Development Centre.

Where are you based?

We are based just off of Scott Hall Road, on Scott Hall Avenue. We are situated in the Prince Philip Building and ‘The Bungalow’. We’ve got signs outside that advertise our football club, along with our Let’s Eat Project. Our colour is bright orange so they stand out. You can travel to us by bus, car, walk or taxi. If travelling by bus you can get the number _____, if you are coming by car or taxi - enter LS7 2HJ into your SatNav; when walking please use an online journey planner/map if you’re unsure.

Do we hire out facilities?

We don’t offer the option to hire out our facilities unfortunately due to the fact we have lots of internal projects running which use the facilities daily.

Is our work kept confidential ?

All the young people's information we work with are kept confidential and only shared with those necessary, for example another member of the team. We would never discuss a young person without parental consent and are unable to discuss the young people with other agencies unless previously agreed.

As a business are you able to sponsor/donate?

We have a range of ways to sponsor/donate. We have direct donations set up on the website as well as having the opportunity for entering into a sponsorship package. Packages can be tailored to both the charities and the business needs so if you’re wanting to discuss them it’s best to get in touch directly.


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